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Building on its already unique benefits RhinoDeck has undergone a major product improvement programme in order to make it the very best Load and Work platform available for use in the house-building industry.

The manufacturing process has been closely examined in order to bring uniformity and accuracy to every step of the current procedure and to develop a more consistent and durable product with a longer life. At the same time security coding has been introduced in order be able to track and identify all components at every stage of manufacture and use and to back up a rigorous QA procedure.

Beyond this the coating has been updated to a silver electro-plated finish which will better protect the product and give it a longer working life.

Welding is now carried out robotically which makes for a more accurate and consistent weld and the weld pattern has been re-designed to ensure that maximum strength is achieved from a minimum of material to maintain the optimum strength/weight ratio of the deck panel. The consistency of the welds will also ensure a longer working life.

Security coding of all component parts now backs up a rigorous QA procedure ensuring that all parts can be tracked from cradle to grave with feedback into the manufacturing process ensuring continuous product improvement.

The coating has been updated to a silver electro-plated finish which gives the entire component including the welds, protection from corrosion for a far longer period. The new finish has been salt-tested to BS XXXX which indicates corrosion resistance has been improved by a factor of three, and rigorous on-site testing, over a period of three months, confirms the improvement with no indication of corrosion becoming apparent.

This significant product improvement is designed to ensure that RhinoDeck continues to be the first choice for a Work and Load platform in the house-buildng industry.

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