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The sayfa test facility


The Sayfa test rig is central to our product development programme and is essential to enable us to test and refine our own products. It means that we can perfect our products and test them in a variety of scenarios before involving an outside testing agency to independently confirm that our product meets the latest legislation.

It also enables us to try out ‘what if’ scenarios, try out ideas and to develop our products ahead of legislation.

Using the test rig allows us to examine specific points of failure and to re-design and re-test – our objective always being to develop products that exceed legislative requirements and to build in our own Sayfa margin of Safety.

The Sayfa test rig simulates the forces generated by an operative falling from a roof. It provides both dynamic and static force-testing of roof-mounted safety equipment, including safety line posts, abseil points, davit base plates, and davit arms.

The facility, using a roof set at ground level, can be configured for all common and bespoke roof types, and allows for wide roof overhangs, canopies, and widely spaced beams. It is specifically designed to enable testing to European and British standards.

The rig can also be used as a drop-tower. It allows a weight to be dropped from a height of up to 5 metres. Using a calibrated force-meter, specialist software captures test results to one-tenth of a second. The facility can also easily be configured for static testing. The testing of components and the overall roof system, proves their validity, in the event of a fall.

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