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Inspection and Maintenance


Your responsibilities as a duty holder

If you are a building owner and intend to commission work that requires access to your roof, you become a ‘duty holder’ within the meaning of the ‘Work at Height Regulations 2005’. Dutyholders are required to ensure work at height is properly planned and carried out by trained and
competent people, and that risks are minimised.

They are required to make sure:

  • that the place where work is done at height (including the means of access) is safe and has features to prevent a fall
  • equipment for work at height is inspected.

When selecting equipment for work at height you must:

  • use the most suitable equipment
  • give collective protection measures (e.g. guard rails) priority over personal protection measures (e.g. safety harnesses);

take account of:

  • the working conditions; and
  • risks to the safety of all those at the place where the work equipment is to be used.

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