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AirDeck Fall Arrest finalist in housebuilder awards


A series of product improvements introduced since the Airdeck fall arrest system first came to market in 2011 has resulted in it being short-listing in the prestigious 2015 HouseBuilder Product Awards- best health and safety product category.

Airdeck fall arrest bags are a simple and easy way of ensuring worker safety, in the event of a fall, on construction sites working to first or second floor height.

They can be configured to suit virtually any floor space and, unlike filled bags, are lightweight and easy to transport to a new location once building is complete. If stored, 50 bags will fit into a cubic meter of space.

The latest Airdeck bags are the best available, and now include

  • Larger 45mm valve for faster inflation/deflation. Bags take just 30-40 seconds to inflate.
    Low maintenance. Improved seal, meaning bags very rarely need topping up.
    Re-formulated PVC liner that is more flexible and can withstand lower temperatures.
    Bright yellow as standard, for improved visibility.

There are also a new range of inflator blowers available, including two electrical (110V and 220V) and a 4-stroke petrol model.

Airdeck has been recognised by its selection as a finalist in the Health and Safety category for this years HouseBuilder product awards- the winner of which will be announced in late June.

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