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New Construction Safety Regulations


Of course, safety has always mattered to any construction company, which is basic common sense. But, the requirement for demonstrable care that businesses take has just gone up again, and you need to be seen to be taking it seriously.

The government has declared that it wishes to improve safety on small and medium construction sites/projects. The Construction (Design & Management) regulations 2015 have replaced the 2007 version. All contractors, including small firms, are now required to assess risks for each project. They must ensure workers have the right skills in the use of equipment and provide training if they do not. The guidance for working at height has not changed but if small firms ignore them they will find themselves liable for injury claims.

There is one simple way to ensure working at height is not an issue. By providing fall arrest facilities you can tick all the right boxes and make pretty sure any falls do not result in serious injury. Sayfa’s Airdeck airbags are inexpensive to buy, are easy to store and transport and are quickly inflated and positioned on site. They are well tried and tested and were shortlisted for the Housebuilder product awards this year. So, if you want to make sure your business is seen to be acting responsively, it’s worth getting in touch.

If you want to know more about the working at height regulations, our free guide is available.

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