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Safe Access To A Work Area


Safe Access to a work area

The Safety system is only as safe as the access to it. Access to a roof or an area of work for maintenance may have the very best safety system applied to it but if the access to it is not safe, the risk still remains.

It is for this reason that Sayfa has designed and installs a range of Sayfa products to ensure the integrity of the whole system. The Payload range is based on a modular concept which can be easily modified to fit all areas.

Conventionally a ladder is made safer by the installation of a safety cage and this is a standard option in the Sayfa Payload range. However, this system can be enhanced with the addition of a safety line which runs up the side of the ladder. By wearing a harness and clipping on to the safety line via a lanyard, the user is totally protected. In the event of a slip the cable attachment locks onto the cable and the climber is held steady until he/she regains their footing.

Companionway Ladders
Companion way ladders consist of a single flight of narrow stairs between two levels. They are generally easier and safer to use than a vertical ladder. These types of ladders are usually provided when space is at a premium and the provision of a standard stair is not an option.

The Payload step over systems are designed to facilitate safe access on a designated access pathway, over pipework, roof penetrations, parapet walls and roof plant. Payload step overs are designed to be free standing on rubber base plates which ensures that no roof or wall penetrations are required. The Step overs are designed as a permanent means of access and usually left in position throughout the duration of the access requirements. The system is supplied with handrail on both sides for added safety.


Raised Walkway
Step-overs are designed to integrate with the Sayfa raised walkway system. Manufactured from galvanised steel it is designed to bridge areas of complicated pipework or trunking etc giving the operative easy access to areas that need attention keeping them clear of obstacles. Like the step-overs, the raised walkway is free-standing on rubber base plates ensuring that there is no need to penetrate walls or roofs and keeping the roof weathering undisturbed.

GRP walkways sit flat on a completed roof. The walkway provides excellent safety standards with minimal maintenance. It is non-conductive, non-magnetic and is ideal for use in harsh or consistently wet environments.

Galvanised steel walkways are extremely strong and are designed to be fitted directly on to a completed roof. Their strength means that they are self-supporting and can be used to bridge short spans with no further support.

Aluminium, like steel, is extremely strong and is used on a completed roof bridging short spans. Aluminium however is much lighter which in some cases is a specific advantage.

PVC walkway provides a good non slip surface and designates an approved route on a finished flat roof. Due to its flexibility and weight it holds itself in position and is a very cost effective solution to providing a safe and defined walkway.

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