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The AirDeck range has been extended to include FR (Fire retardant) and FR/AS (Fire retardant and anti-static)


Rising demand for Fall Arrest solutions outside the construction industry has led to the development of two additions to the AirDeck range – The AirDeck FR and the AirDeck FR/AS

The AirDeck FR is a Fire retardant version of the existing AirDeck product. The outer made from woven polypropylene is now available with the polymer manufactured with a Fire retardant additive to DIN 4102.

The outer has been tested by the Building Research Establishment, here in the UK and in accordance with tests prescribed within EN ISO 11925, the material meets the requirement for FS ≤ 150 mm. The liner is made from PVC which, in itself is resistant to ignition.

The AirDeck FR/AS is a Fire retardant version, which is also anti-static. In addition to treating the polymer of the outer with an FR additive, every fifth strand of the woven outer incorporates a conductive carbon impregnated filament. There are four conductive straps, which can be either earthed directly or linked to the next bag and then ultimately earthed. In this way, any static electricity generated within the AirDeck unit, will be dissipated reducing the risk of static electricity sparks in areas of high risk.

The outer has been manufactured, to meet the standards of a Type C conductive FIBC (Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container). All Type C conductive FIBC’s are individually tested, during production by checking the resistance level with an analogue insulation tester. To be classed, as a compliant conductive bag the resistance should be less than 10M ohm. The current sample being tested indicates just over 1M ohm.

These products are made to standards set by Sayfa Systems and are not guaranteed to meet all external requirements. The user must satisfy themselves that the product meets their needs. We are always pleased to discuss individual cases and providing the potential exists, would be happy to develop the product to meet specific requirements.

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