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Fall Arrest Hire

It is well known that falls from height still remain the single biggest cause of fatalities on site and in the workplace. The force of gravity means that we accelerate earthwards at 32 feet/second/second and the force we hit the ground with increases very rapidly with height.

The factors involved are the force of gravity, the height of the fall, the weight of the individual and just how much the fall is cushioned on impact. This means that the greater the height, the heavier the individual and the less yielding the surface, the greater the force of impact.

A fall from one metre doesn’t sound much, but dropping as a dead weight, an 80kg man could encounter a force of 100g if falling onto concrete.

The first and most obvious thing to do is to avoid working at height and carry out the task from the ground or alternatively work from a platform which in effect removes all risks but there are many occasions when working at height is either unavoidable or a fall arrest system is the best solution under the circumstances.

It is under these circumstances that hiring fall arrest equipment, specifically Airbags or Crash Mats or an alternative soft landing system is the ideal solution.

Hiring is the ideal solution for a short-term project which requires fall arrest protection and where the equipment is unlikely to be used again and as a result does not justify the expense of the capital outlay.

AirDeck from Sayfa Systems is the ideal solution as it in effect provides a totally portable fall arrest solution. AirDeck is an inflatable system and inflated on site at point of use. Just one pallet carries 50 bags which once inflated will provide fall protection over an area of 80m2.

It is supplied with a cordless inflator which comes complete with a regulator nozzle which regulates the pressure to just 20 millibar – a very low pressure which offers the perfect cushioning effect for falls up to heights of 3.25 metres above ground level.

The requirement for hire of portable fall arrest systems is extensive and is to be found across all areas of work where fall protection may be required on a temporary basis. See our impact calculator to see