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Air Bag Hire

Hiring is the obvious solution for a short-term project which requires fall arrest protection and where the equipment is unlikely to be used again and as a result does not justify the expense of the capital outlay.

AirDeck from Sayfa Systems is ideal as it in effect provides a totally portable fall arrest solution. AirDeck is an inflatable system and inflated on site at point of use. Just one pallet carries 50 bags which once inflated will provide fall protection over an area of 80m2.

The benefit of being able to transport 80m2 of cover on just one pallet, occupying about 1m3 volume, is hugely beneficial both in terms of transport cost and in environmental terms.

Alternatives include fall arrest bags, filled with either air pockets or expanded polystyrene packaging protection are both filled at the factory and would require an articulated lorry to transport them to site which is obviously environmentally detrimental when compared with moving just one pallet in the back of a small van.


There are of course additional environmental issues surrounding the use of expanded polystyrene pieces as the disposal at the end of the useful life of the bag is extremely problematical. The return journey to the factory or to a point of disposal requires yet another journey by an articulated lorry and the expanded polystyrene cannot be usefully recycled or reused and normally ends up in landfill.

The fill used for AirDeck is of course fresh air which can be simply released back into the environment at the point of use and the bags transported back to the hire centre on just one pallet.

In terms of cost the biggest saving is in the transport. The shortest journey by an articulated lorry will be far more expensive than a small van of course, but the savings don’t stop there. Filled bags of both types require a degree of maintenance if the period of hire is of extended use. This involves a visit from the manufacturer to top up the fill which will have a charge associated with it. As AirDeck is just inflated on site it can be topped up using the same inflator as used to inflate it for use – the cost is scarcely measurable.

Other alternatives will also include plastic decking which is a hugely more expensive solution. Not only is the cost approximately double the cost of the AirDeck but it requires specialist installation which obviously carries cost implications … and is yet another trade to co-ordinate on site and may cause delays. AirDeck can be called in at short notice, can be inflated in minutes and leaves you free to proceed at your own pace and to achieve your own deadlines.

Once the project is complete the bags can be easily returned to the hire centre with minimum fuss and organisation.