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Crash Mat Hire

Crash mat is in fact a term borrowed initially from gymnastics and relates to a thick padded mat which can be used to break a fall during practice and perfection of a gymnastics routine. By extension it has come to mean any form of cushioning that is used to prevent damage to anyone exposed to a fall from height whether that exposure is accidental during the course of work or leisure.

The original mats were simply thick and quilted or of a honeycomb rubber construction but over a period of time inevitably the demand to be able to cope with falls from greater heights has led to the development of products with a greater cushioning effect. The name however has stuck and they are now frequently generically known as crashmats whether they are literally just mats or large air-filled cushions such as the AirDeck which can safely cope with fall from over 3 metres in height.

Hiring a crash mat is the obvious solution for a short-term project which requires fall arrest protection and where the equipment is unlikely to be used again and as a result does not justify the expense of the capital outlay.

AirDeck from Sayfa Systems is ideal as it in effect provides a totally portable fall arrest solution. AirDeck is an inflatable system and inflated on site at point of use. Just one pallet carries 50 bags which once inflated will provide fall protection over an area of 80m2.

The benefit of being able to transport 80m2 of cover on just one pallet, occupying about 1m3 volume, is hugely beneficial both in terms of transport cost and in environmental terms.

AirDeck is readily available from over 30 depots nationwide and can be inexpensively hired by the week or then month to suit the needs of the project in hand. Delivered on a pallet just ready for inflation, each individual AirDeck takes less than one minute to inflate meaning that a pallet of 50 bags, enough to cover 80m2 can be installed and ready for use in less than one hour. At the end of the project the bags can be swiftly deflated and returned or moved on to the next project.

Versatility is considerable: AirDeck is used in any number of industries and application from the construction industry to stunt work and from aircraft maintenance to bakeries. In fact anywhere where rapidly deployed fall arrest is required.