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Aviator: Fall Prevention & Arrest System


Maintenance of any building exterior is becoming increasingly challenging as buildings increase in complexity. The Aviator range of safety access equipment is designed to be both flexible and adaptable and to provide practical answers to any maintenance requirement.

A range of safety lines adapted to all roof types, a highly technically developed aluminium safety rail and a range of davit arms and a complete range of eye-bolts will provide a solution to any access problem.


It is our aim to become involved with you project at the earliest opportunity so that we fully understand the requirements of your maintenance programme and can offer the most suitable and cost effective solution.

Please contact our sales team at the early stages of your project so that we can explore with you the needs imposed by the maintenance programme and consider the options available. As the project progresses we are happy to visit site to ensure that the most practical solution is being offered.

Our involvement does not stop once the system is installed. There is a legal requirement to inspect all safety systems at least every twelve months – abseil systems need inspection every six months – and our inspection and maintenance team is always on hand to visit to ensure that you and your staff remain safe and legal.

If you have a Sayfa system installed please contact us and we will make sure you have all the documentation and you need to use and maintain your roof safety system safely.

The Aviator range is complete and offers all the
necessary solutions for roof and building façade
access and maintenance.

Aviator is the range of height safety lines and fall arrest, fall restraint systems and abseil systems to enable safe working at height at roof level providing safe access to the roof top and building facades to carry out both cleaning and other regular maintenance tasks.

The Aviator range is growing steadily in response to the need to meet new and challenging hazards to be encountered on increasingly complex buildings which are steadily growing in height as land available for new buildings becomes more scarce.

At the core of the range is the Aviator permanent roof safety line system. There are many different style brackets adapted to each different roof type. All brackets have built in shock absorbing units and are fitted with an inline shock absorber for added protection. These capabilities when used together with a shock-absorbing lanyard, will ensure that no more than 4kN force is exerted on the users at any point in the system.

Raptor Rail abseil rail is designed to be fixed to a structural substrate such as structural steel or concrete to provide a continuous rope access connection point. The rail is supplied with a unique wheeled connection point which moves smoothly along the track and around any profiled corners and bends, without the need to disconnect. The Raptor Rail provides the highest level of safety for all abseil, fall arrest and fall restraint use. Both the track and the connection point are certified for 22kN loads.

The Aviator Davit Arm system, is designed to be removable and to be used together with the permanent Davit base plates. They are designed for lifting and lowering personnel and materials. The hook on the end of the arm allows abseil and lifting ropes to extend over the roof edge or balustrading. The Davit base can also be used to anchor a personnel fall arrest system when the user is being lifted and lowered.

Abseil anchors are designed to be fixed to a structural substrate such as structural steel or concrete to provide suitable rope access connection points. It is essential when designing rope access to ensure at least two different connection points are available to connect to at any one time.

Typically Aviator systems are used by operatives requiring access to a roof or building façade or cleaning or maintenance purposes. In fall restraint mode the safety line products ensure that the worker cannot get close enough to the edge of the building to be exposed to a fall potential. In fall arrest mode the system is designed to ensure that the worker cannot contact the ground and will remain safe until rescued. However it is our policy that fall restraint systems will always be installed in preference to a fall restraint system and fall arrest systems only installed when there is no other option.

Abseil systems, including Raptor Rail, abseil points and davit arms provide stable anchor points for abseil activity.

The Aviator range offers a flexible and cost effective set of options to provide access to all areas of the exterior of a building for cleaning and maintenance purposes. Please contact our design team with you enquiry or project as they are always very happy to offer advice. Early involvement of our design team is the key to finding the most cost-effective and versatile installation.

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