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About Aviator


Safety lines, Safety Rail and Davit Arms for both personnel and goods make up the Aviator range of fall prevention/fall restraint systems for safe rooftop and building façade access.

The Aviator safety line system consists of brackets that are adapted to suit both the roof type and the work need.

These are either stand-alone anchor points or cable attachment points that accept a shuttle – enabling the operative to move safely along the roof line.

A key feature is a shock absorbing unit – fitted on one or both ends of the line – to protect both worker and roof in the event of a slip.


Equally Raptor Rail fitted horizontally to the roof and using specially designed roller trucks and lanyards the worker has free and safe access to all work areas.

In this configuration Raptor Rail can also be used for abseil procedures. Raptor Rail is widely used designed into the building, both inside and outside, for abseil applications.

Speed of use is the key benefit for Raptor but additionally Raptor is a lightweight aluminium system and also can achieve spans of up to 6 metres.

The design is crisp and clean and fits in well with current design trends. For internal use the rail can be concealed in the ceiling structure giving the benefit of excellent access without any intrusive disruption to the interior design.


Our Davit Arms DA300 and DA400 are designed for both use for personnel and goods. Made entirely of aluminium they are lightweight, compact and balanced and easy to use, move and store.

The DA300 and 400 can be used for lifting or abseil purposes and complement the range of abseil posts and eye bolts which are also part of the Aviator range.

The Aviator range is complete and offers all the necessary solutions for roof and building façade access and maintenance.