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Davit Arm System Aluminium davit arms

Aviator Davit Arms

A lightweight davit arm system.

Aviator lightweight aluminium Davit Arms are designed to be removable and to be used together with the permanent Davit base plates. They are designed to provide abseil points, providing access for cleaning and maintenance, projecting over roof-edging or balustrades. When equipped with a winch they can be used for the lifting and lowering of materials.

When not in use with a Davit arm the base can be used as an anchorage point for a personal fall-arrest or fall-restraint system.

Davit arms are manufactured in aluminium section to ensure they are light weight and easily transportable. The DA 300 weighs only approximately 15 kgs and folds to be carried as one piece and the DA 400 weighs 32 kgs and separates into two pieces. Each comes with a cover to ensure the arm is kept in prime condition. In both cases the arm can be locked into 2 positions – 135 degrees and 90 degrees off the vertical arm.

The locking pin and clip are permanently fixed to the Davit arm to prevent them being mislaid.

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