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Eye Bolt Anchors Permanent And Removable Eye Bolt Anchors

Permanent and removable eyebolts anchors are fixed anchor points to provide security for workers who may be exposed to a fall risk when working at height. Each individual wears a safety harness which is linked to an anchor point via a safety lanyard.

Eyebolt anchors are a useful and quite discreet way of providing security for individuals who are exposed to a fall risk and are useful in public areas where it is required to keep visible safety equipment to a minimum.

The Sayfa range of eyebolt anchors not only includes fixed eyebolts, which remain visible but also removable eyebolts which are designed so the eye-bolt key can be inserted in the socket when required and removed when the work is completed. They can be positioned in pedestrian areas such as entrance halls and corridors, because when the key is removed a socket cap is fitted, which is virtually flush with the wall finish.

The eyebolt anchor points are designed to be fixed to a structural substrate such as structural steel or concrete to provide suitable connection points for both fall restraint and fall arrest use. They are secured to concrete and brickwork or blockwork with resin anchors and to steelwork with stainless steel bolts, washers and vibration proof nuts. When fixing to metal deck or timber deck it may be necessary to provide a backing plate to ensure compliance.

The eye-bolts are designed for one user at any one time and two users in the event of any emergency evacuation requirements.

For fall restraint use, which is highly recommended, the eye-bolts need to be positioned at least 2.0m away from any exposed edge. When connected to a 2m lanyard and body harness, the operator will be able to safely access the area without risk of falling. Different lengths of fixed lanyards can be provided to accommodate different eye-bolt connection points. Careful consideration must be taken when designing the eye-bolt positions to ensure any operator lanyards will not foul with any roof plant or furniture or fixtures.

All eye-bolts must be secured at least 280mm from any substrate edge. Permanent eyebolts are designed to be left fixed in position. This must be considered when fitting them inside buildings open to the general public such as office blocks and hotels.


Eurocodes are designated by EN British standards are designated by BS

• BS EN 795:2012 Class C – flexible safety lines

• BS EN 795:2012 Class A – single anchors, anti-pendulum anchors

• BS 7883: 2005 – Design, selection, installation, use and maintenance for anchors conforming to EN 795


All inspections to be carried out to EN795:2012 and BS 7883:2005 and WAHSA (inspection of eyebolts) requirements for safety line and anchor points.

Inspection of eye-bolts is required by law every six months. Contact Sayfa Systems to arrange an inspection schedule and training in use of both harnesses and eye-bolt systems.