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Safety Harness and Lanyards

The Sayfa P-35 full body harness

The P-35 full body harness is made from polyester/polyamide 44mm wide webbing which is sewn and then connected together using metal buckles.

The safety harness is designed to be worn around the shoulders and thighs to provide full support and to be comfortable to wear whilst working. There is one front connecting buckle and four strap adjustments to ensure a safe and comfortable fit.

There is one ‘D’ ring at the rear and one also at the front to attach directly to the fall arrest system.

The harness can be used for 5 years from its first use and then must be withdrawn from use for a full inspection the manufacturer or its authorised representative.

Safety Features

On the reverse of the harness are two ‘Fall use Indicators’ comprising of over-sewn pleated fabric. if these are in anyway damaged, which indicates that the harness might have been exposed to fall arrest conditions, the harness must not be used and replaced immediately.

On either side of the straps are highly visible lines of stitching. if the harness is frayed through use, beyond these lines the harness must not be used and replaced immediately.



Why Use Rhino Deck?

Safety Features

The rope is of a ‘kernmantle’ construction with an inner core of polyester fibre protected with an outer protective sheath of woven polyester.

To move the fall arrester mechanism it is necessary to deliberately depress the release mechanism whilst it will lock immediately in the event of a fall.

Before use, please refer to the Instruction manual supplied with the lanyard.

Operating Standards

The Sayfa adjustable and fixed lanyards are a component of the personal protective equipment for work positioning and prevention of falls from height and complies with EN 358.

This lanyards must be used in accordance with all current legislation for fall arrest systems, anchor devices and rescue equipment.

– EN 365 for Safety Harnesses
-EN 354, EN 355, EN 353-2, EN 353-2,
– EN 360, EN 362 – for Fall Arrest Systems

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