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Crashdeck Plus! The all-steel RhinoDeck is more than just a crash deck

The-all steel RhinoDeck is more than just a crash deck – it provides access, a work platform and takes loads of up to 600kgs/M2.

Features and Benefits of Zinc-plated RhinoDeck vs Alternative Decking Products

RhinoDeck Feature Benefit
Steel Construction Steel is immensely strong in relation to its weight This enables the use of RhinoDeck as a load platform as well as access and work platform
Steel is highly durable The steel components have a long life which means a low cost of life ownership
Steel does not degrade on exposure to UV light The steel components do not weaken over time
Steel is impact resistant so Rhino steel components stand up to site abuse better than plastic This means less wasted time, less waste, less site debris and eventually a lower component cost
Steel does not suffer extremes of temperature hot or cold This means that RhinoDeck can be left out in all weathers with no loss of strength or integrity
Steel is 100% recyclable This means that at the end of its working life it will retain a degree of value and can be usefully recycled as opposed to potentially going to
Steel is entirely non flammable This means that in the event of a fire RhinoDeck will not contribute to the fire and will not produce any smoke or fumes whilst the fire
continues to burn. PVC is self extinguishing but will burn in the presence of other combustible materials emitting a thick black acrid smoke
Design Only 6 components per m2 This makes for fast intallation and removal – 2 men can fit 50m2 in one hour
Fully braced design means that any RhinoDeck configuration is free-standing and has no need of wall braces This means that undue stresses are never placed on freshly built walls
Components lock together without fastenings so no special tools are required This means that RhinoDeck can be assembled and taken apart quickly and easily
Panels can be removed at any point in the room This allows for easy access for materials delivered on pallets below decks
All components are designed to be lightweight and easily handled This means that the system is easy to install, move and store
Legs are spaced 1280mm apart This allows for full pallet access below decks
Due to its strength the number of support legs can be kept to a minimum This means that the area below the deck is uncluttered and offers good access to the work area and uncluttered exit routes in the case of fire
All components are designed to occupy the minimum space in storage This means that 50m2 of deck ion use only occupies 8m2 when stored
Modular design keeps number of components to a minimum This means that even complex footprints can be easily covered using standard components
Versatility of design means that Rhino can equally form a trestle system This means that you can minimise the variety of systems on site
Rhino stair kit is available which will integrate with standard Rhino components This means a fully guarded solution to first floor access is now available
Feet are height adjustable This means that minor differences in floor height can be accommodated
Silver electro-plating All components are zinc plated to a minimum thickness of 8 microns to ensure that all components will have a corrosion free working life This means that as well as being able to expect a longer working life there will be no loss of strength or integrity at any time when the
component is in use
Electro-plated components have been salt tested by Satra (an outside agency) who have confirmed the enhanced protection This means that you can rest assured about the life of your investment
Identification of components All components are permanently marked with the Rhino logo, the component code and date of manufacture. This means that all components can be checked and confirmed as genuine Rhino parts and feedback from site can be directly fed in to our
continuous product improvement programme.
Use Full Installation Training courses available which means that you don’t have to wait for an installations team to move the deck before you can
move on
This means that you can stick to your build schedule