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An increase in population density is leading inevitably to an increase in the number of high-rise buildings and high rise living is becoming the new norm and not just in capital cities. Most major cities now have a high rise building strategy, which clearly signifies that high rise living as a way of life is here to stay.

This now means that Façade access for cleaning and maintenance is an increasing feature of the safety strategy that has to be built into the building and it is for this reason that Sayfa has decided to focus on a range of products dedicated to Façade access.

The range now consists of the DA range of Davit arms and bases, the Raptor Rail abseil rail, a range of abseil anchors and a combined abseil and safety line post which is used where space is limited or there is a need to minimise the number of roof penetrations.

Please contact our Façade Access Product Manager, Matt McGivern for assistance with your project on 01509 509288.

Davit based abseil systems used for facade access are perfect for areas where no loading on the parapet , coping or balustrades is possible.

The Sayfa Sytems Raptor Rail system is designed to be fixed to a substrate such as structural steel or concrete to provide a continuous rope access connection point.

Abseil anchors are designed to be fixed to a structural substrate such as structural steel or concrete to provide suitable rope access connection points.

The Combined Aviator & Aviator Abseil Post has been developed to reduce roof installations in order to limit the number of times a roof membrane needs to be penetrated and re-sealed.


The Facade Access products from Sayfa Systems
provides a range of solutions for accessing, cleaning
and maintaining all building facades.

Why Use Rhino Deck?

Facade access is required to maintain the facade of a building and encompasses maintenance items such as the replacement of damaged windows panes, cleaning of windows, cleaning the facade of the building itself and lifting of materials to the roof via use of facade access systems.

Each project is as unique as the next, just as the clients requirements, which is why at Sayfa systems we are facade specialists. Working closely with our clients is our number one priority, reviewing in close detail the most efficient method of maintaining the building and taking in to account any special planning permissions or visual requirement the building may have.

Facade access equipment can be as simple as an abseil eyebolt (rope access anchor) or abseil post, progressing to davit bases used with davit arms, our award winning Raptor abseil rail and fully powered cradle systems. Sayfa Systems UK work with architects, consultancy and constructions firms, roofers and a myriad of other clients to ensure the facade solution provided performs as intended with the building. With our full in house estimating and design team we review all drawings and plans to ensure the right product is quoted for each and every job we work on.

As time moves on, so do the requirement of buildings both in form and function. There is a developing trend for people to live and socialise closer to their place of work and as land is scarce in inner cities the easiest and most cost effective thing to do is build tall. High rise developments provide a vast array of amenities and high quality living spaces. Increasingly, buildings have a cross purpose with a percentage being designated as commercial space, this could be in the form of offices, coffee houses, cinemas, gyms, the list is endless.

Gone is the day of plain uniform buildings, architects are taking it upon themselves to design visually appealing and unique façades, this comes with its own challenges as the requirement to keep the building clean always remains. We work closely with architects to develop a buildings design, ensuring the correct products are specified at both conceptual and technical design stages to ensure that when a building is used by abseilers, they will be able to access the areas required with the correct equipment.

Our product range is vast and we have a solution for each and every requirement. Abseil anchors are installed in pairs as required by LOLER regulations for a main and backup rope, davit arms offer the most in terms of adaptability, capable of being used with winches, manual or electric to position glass or other materials in to place. Another benefit to Davits is they allow abseilers to access the façade of a building without abseil ropes putting pressure on the coping/parapet or other obstructions such as handrail. Davit arms are available in 1000mm to 2500mm reach variants connected to davit sockets on a buildings structure that can be cast in or top fixed to concrete or structural steel. Davit sockets are available in Galvanised or stainless steel.

For maximum efficiency we have our Raptor fall restraint and abseil rail, traditionally installed on the exterior of the façade. Raptor is a continuous rail and trolley system that allows its users to perform their duties, be it for restraint purposes working at height so the user doesn’t have to unclip to navigate a building, or for abseil purposes allowing window cleaners or maintenance techs to service the entire building without having to go from one abseil point to the next as would be required with traditional methods.

Whatever the requirement, here at SAYFA systems we will make the whole process from inquiry to installation as informative and easy as possible.

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