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An increase in population density is leading inevitably to an increase in the number of high-rise buildings and high rise living is becoming the new norm and not just in capital cities. Most major cities now have a high rise building strategy, which clearly signifies that high rise living as a way of life is here to stay.

This now means that Façade access for cleaning and maintenance is an increasing feature of the safety strategy that has to be built into the building and it is for this reason that Sayfa has decided to focus on a range of products dedicated to Façade access.

The range now consists of the DA range of Davit arms and bases, the Raptor Rail abseil rail, a range of abseil anchors and a combined abseil and safety line post which is used where space is limited or there is a need to minimise the number of roof penetrations.

Please contact our Façade Access Product Manager, Matt McGivern for assistance with your project on 01509 509288.


Davit based abseil systems used for facade access are perfect for areas where no loading on the parapet , coping or balustrades is possible.

The Sayfa Sytems Raptor Rail system is designed to be fixed to a substrate such as structural steel or concrete to provide a continuous rope access connection point.

Abseil anchors are designed to be fixed to a structural substrate such as structural steel or concrete to provide suitable rope access connection points.

The Combined Aviator & Aviator Abseil Post has been developed to reduce roof installations in order to limit the number of times a roof membrane needs to be penetrated and re-sealed.

The Facade Access products from Sayfa Systems
provides a range of solutions for accessing, cleaning
and maintaining all building facades.
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