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The purpose of a focussed range.

As the number of high-rise buildings for both office and accommodation continues to grow and as designs become more ambitious in order to cope with the increasing challenges brought about by increasingly limited space the cleaning and maintenance strategies become ever more complex.

Building on a spacious green field site is now very much a luxury. More often the site to be transformed is an old brownfield site with an odd shape, surrounded by other buildings. The demand is to achieve the maximum potential of a site blending both function and style which in turn leads to access challenges to both maintain and clean the external aspects of the new office or apartment block.

Cramped access and indeed the number of stories very often excludes the use of traditional access equipment, leaving abseil as the only viable means of access. Given also that modern designs very often include glass balustrades which are not load-bearing and abseil access by davit arm presents itself as the best solution.

Add to this the need to maintain as well as clean and the obvious requirement to have any cleaning and maintenance equipment as discreet as possible means that there will be a requirement for a variety of solutions – as many solutions as there are situations in effect.

Sayfa then made the decision to examine our range, to identify the gaps and manufacture solutions to make the range complete to enable us to offer a complete range of solutions to the variety of situations that could occur.