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Abseiling Anchor System

Abseil anchors used for abseiling form a key part of the Sayfa Systems Facade Access product range. Our services cover the installation and testing on a variety of different anchor types and to a variety of structures.

Eyebolts for facade cleaning or maintenance are made of stainless steel and designed to be installed in to a structural substrate such as concrete or steel. As with any abseil anchor they must be installed in pairs which is dictated by LOLER legislation, this ensures one main rope and a backup rope are always connected to the structure of the building and ensuring the abseiler is as safe as possible. Eyebolts are suitable for areas where there is no build-up on top of the structure such as insulation.

Abseil posts are a popular option for our customers as they can be installed in to substrates which have either a build-up of insulation, green roof, sedum, ballast or a combination of all on top of the main structure. Coming in a variety of post heights from 80mm to 750mm in either galvanised or stainless steel we have a solution for every project requiring such an anchor. Our clients find abseil posts a perfect solution as our smallest offerings can be installed beneath decking so as to not be visible when not in use and can be installed in to a variety of structures such as steel, hollowcore concrete, concrete metal deck and traditionally solid concrete slabs.

Sayfa Systems have brought to market an industry first, the Combined Aviator and Abseil Post system which can be used for abseil and fall restraint. Developed to reduce roof installations in order to limit the number of times a roof membrane needs to be penetrated and re-sealed by a roofer, and available in a range of posts heights from 150mm to 750mm in 100mm increments. Coming as standard in Galvanised Steel to BS EN ISO 1461 stainless steel is an option however all fixings and eyebolts attached to the posts are stainless steel regardless of post material. By introducing a combined function post not only are the number of installations halved but there is a reduced number of posts on the roof making for improved access and working efficiencies. An uncluttered work area makes an important contribution to a safe working environment and helps to reduce the risks that come from working at height.

Abseil anchors, in whichever form they may come require that the parapet/coping of the building be able to take the forces of an abseil rope going up and over the side of the building. We can supply an abseil spreader plate which works to spread the load put on to the parapet over a wider area.

To summarise, abseil anchors are extremely versatile and a key part of our product range. They are suitable for situations where there is no significant build-up on top substructure, where the coping can take the forces of an abseil rope and projects that don’t require the winching of materials to the roof or the replacement of façade components such as glass or other items that may require winching.