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Facade Access Consultant

At Sayfa Systems UK of utmost importance to us is customer satisfaction. To achieve this, we ensure that from initial inquiry to install we consult with our clients to make certain that we understand the requirements of the proposed project. There is a wide range of façade access products we can supply and install, so it is important to put forward a product that will fit with the end user’s actual needs.

The façade of a building is always on show, and with the requirements of maintenance in the form of glass replacement, window cleaning and the servicing of the façade itself, each project carries its own unique set of requirements. Sayfa’s aim as Façade Access Consultants is to collate all the information on the building and put forward a plan on how best to approach the type of access required. Before quoting stage, we perform a full design assessment on every abseil job that comes to us. This means that particular attention is paid to each and every project, giving our estimators guidance on the specifics that should not be missed.

From the roof, abseilers have to get to the facade of the building via use of our systems. To ensure absolute system integrity, they have to be secured to the structure, this can be through various means. However, in all circumstances, the products are specifically tailored. Parapets have varying heights, widths and construction methods which is why it is important to have a façade access consultant to guide you through every step of the process, it would be very easy to use the wrong product for the job if all details aren’t fully considered.

Get in touch with us today and we will guide you through the process as your personal Façade Access consultants.