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Rope Access

The Sayfa Systems UK rope access product range aid in abseilers accessing the facade of a building through the use of ropes and related equipment. Used in a variety of situations ranging from industrial, offshore and shipping, harbours, confined spaces, renewable energy and increasingly high rise office and residential buildings.

The benefits of using rope access are many however the speed and efficiency of accessing specific and sometimes hard to reach areas has to be at the forefront.

Rope access has gained popularity over previously used methods of façade access as with the increase in unusually shaped buildings it would be cost inhibitive and increasingly difficult to use methods of access such as motorised access equipment by MEWP or access cranes.

At Sayfa Systems we have a wide range of rope access products to cater for all kinds of building types and access requirements, we help our customers through every stage of the process from initial inquiry to installation and consult with abseilers who use rope access products on a daily basis to allow us the first-hand knowledge to advise our customers.

High rose rope access is becoming increasingly popular as it offers building owners the luxury of maintaining their building without having to interfere with the buildings occupants. Rope access anchors on the roof which could be davit bases and arms, abseil posts, eyebolts or abseil rail are used by abseilers, following rope access procedures to clean the façade of the building. Rope access can also be used to replace glass and generally offer maintenance to the sides of the building itself.

If you are looking for a specific solution then we are here to help with a full in house design team. We have design files of all rope access products if you need them and we will offer advice on the most suitable product for the particular situation.