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Fall Prevention

What is Fall prevention?

If there is work to be undertaken at height, fall prevention is the very first step to be taken in the planning phase of fall protection.
There is an obvious hierarchy of preferred solutions when considering potential falls from height

  • Work from the ground if at all possible
  • If there is no alternative to working at height, use equipment to prevent a fall
  • Use specialised equipment to minimise the distance and the possible consequences of a fall

Fall prevention equipment falls in to two main categories.

  • Collective/Passive – requires no action by the user to achieve protection – e.g. a hand-rail
  • Personal/Active – requires an action by the user(s) to achieve protection – e.g. a safety line that the user must clip on to, to be protected.

Obviously, following the hierarchy, a collective/passive system that prevents a fall is preferable to a system that is Personal/Active that mitigates the result of a fall.

Sayfa Fall Prevention Solutions

At Sayfa the majority of our products are geared towards fall prevention and our options include:


Where working from the ground is difficult or dangerous RhinoDeck offers a secure and stable access load and work platform with a SWL of 600kgs/m2 up to heights of 3 metres. RhinoDeck eliminates the risk of any fall from height and provides a cost effective and time saving collective/passive solution.


The range of Payload products includes collective/passive fall protection solutions such as handrails – both lightweight aluminium and galvanised steel – as well as safe access solutions such as walkways, gantries, step-overs and ladders. Safe access to the area of work is as much the responsibility of the ‘duty-holder’ as is fall prevention in the area of work itself.


The range of Aviator products provide for safe roof and façade access and combines a range of personal/active roof-safety line systems as well as abseil systems consisting of Aviator abseil eye-bolts and posts, davit arms for both goods and personnel and Raptor Rail – a lightweight aluminium perimeter abseil rail designed for access to external facades or internal atria.

A concise and uncomplicated guide to Working at Height can be found on the HSE website.