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About Payload

Ladders and gantries

To ensure safe access to areas where maintenance work takes place Sayfa have developed the Payload range of ladders and gantries. Permanent roof ladders and gantries cut workforce risks for access on site.

Based on a modular system, the emphasis is very much on choice and adaptability: apart from a choice of galvanised steel or aluminium construction, there are different styles to fit different roof profiles and to bridge obstacles.

Payload ladders can incorporate standard handrails, safety lines or safety cages. Additionally, all ladders can be colour coded to match any building décor requirements.


Sayfa Payload rooftop walkways comes in four variants. PVC walkway is quick to lay – and can be rolled out over PVC roofs to provide a non-slip walkway. Its own weight ensures that it remains securely in place.

The GRP option provides a strong and lightweight walkway, designed expressly for roof types such as composite panel and standing seams. Self-supporting under 500mm, it can be cut as required. Galvanised steel enables longer spans, and takes heavier load ratings.

The aluminium walkway combines both strength and the benefit of a lighter weight. It combines well with aluminium handrails which are being used more frequently.

Safety rail

Sentry rail is an all aluminium, free standing counter-balanced handrail incorporating many features which translate into many benefits in use.

It can be used for roof edge protection on all flat membrane roofs, all bitumen roofs, hot melt rubber roofs and steel roofs. Sedum and gravel roofs can be accommodated if precautions are taken to remove loose material prior to installation.

A unique feature of SentryRail is the screw thread integrated into the design of the rail. As a consequence there is complete flexibility in the positioning of upright posts so you can configure the system to fit around virtually any arrangement of roof furniture or cabling.