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PinPoint Site Safety The complete site safety solution



Efficient: Digitally manage your site safety. PinPoint can automatically log in your employees, give you up to date information on who is on site, allow you to trigger evacuation alerts at the touch of a button and with lone worker protection, automatically alert site management of accidents and their location.

Safe: Improve your site safety, Pinpoint uses LED’s and Vibrating feedback to alert employees of evacuations and site risks. This feedback system is essential for safety on loud construction sites with workers wearing ear protection.

Private: Pinpoint is not mobile based and doesn’t impede on your workers privacy. Pinpoint is a site safety system designed to give more confidence to workers and management on site.


Our goal was to create a one-stop shop safety solution for the construction industry. With over 15 years of experience in manufacturing and designing safety products, Sayfa Systems has created the perfect digital health and safety solution.

Key features of Pinpoint Include:

Automatic Site Log in

Evacuation alerts and muster lists

Vehicle safety alerts

Lone Worker Protection

Social Distancing and Contact Tracing

Plant tracking

Safety in challenging circumstances – To future proof PinPoint, it has a social distancing feature that can notify workers when they get too close. It also tracks tags that have come in close contact to notify them in case they need to self isolate. PinPoint will allow construction sites to remain open during pandemics, saving costs and improving productivity.


PinPoint uses modern technology to enable effective social distancing and contact tracing at work, quicker and safer evacuations at your site, lone worker protection and more.
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