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Internal Birdcage / Safety Deck

A high speed alternative to internal birdcage scaffolding

Linear Working Platform / Trestle

A safer and easier alternative to trestles and internal scaffolding


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Rhino Deck was conceived and designed to respond specifically to the needs to the house building market.

Rhino Deck Hire
Rhino Deck is available throughout the UK for hire!


“… is to provide the world with the most efficient system for working at height with no compromise in strength, safety, or performance”

Rhino Deck is made from steel so is a highly durable product, making it an excellent long-term investment.  However, if you are not in the position to invest in a system, we now offer very competitive rates for hire of the equipment.  This gives you all the benefits of the advanced Rhino Deck system without the initial outlay;

  • High speed installation – due to being modular and tool-free, Rhino Deck is extremely quick and easy to install
  • Free-standing access system – Rhino Deck is a fully-braced working platform, so is freestanding, not requiring pressure to be put on newly-built walls
  • Loadable working platform – being steel, Rhino Deck can be safely loaded to 600kg (6kN)/m2
  • Highly versatile for numerous applications – a truly modular system, there is no house type that a Rhino Deck wont fit
co-op job - used for installation of roof trussesbirdcage


The fast and easy-to-install method to
allow safer working at heights of
up to 4 metres

Safety Zone

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