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Rhino Deck was conceived and designed to respond specifically to the needs to the house building market.

With a steel design for both strength and durability, Rhino Deck was brought to market to give house builders a safety platform for use inside the house shell during construction which provided both a means of access and a load and work platform.

It has proven itself over many years and the original design remains largely unchanged – which is a testament to the original concept.

Available in heights,building up to four metres, Rhino Deck can easily be installed at a rate of 50m2/hour with a team of just two men.

The design includes leg braces which ensure that the system is secure and free-standing and doesn’t rely on bracing to the walls for stability – walls that might be recently built and not yet secure in themselves.

Recent refinements include an upgrade in the coating to an 8 micron zinc coating to better protect the product and to extend its working life, and marking of all components with the Rhino logo, part code and date of manufacture to ensure full identification and traceability.

Rhino Deck helps prevent falls from height. Falls from height can be extremely dangerous, and our impact calculator can help predict the outcome of a fall.

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