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Services We offer our inspection,
assessment and training


Inspection isn’t just a legal requirement it is a vital to maintain the installed equipment in a safe and fully functioning state.

We offer a full inspection service for all our own installed safety equipment and will contact you in advance of the required inspection date to make an appointment to review the installation. The inspection consists of a thorough examination of all components of the system and pull testing of fixings to check for any deterioration or damage that has occurred.

An Aviator fall arrest or fall restraint system together with all Payload products require an annual inspection. Any system used intentionally for abseiling requires an inspection every six months

Further to your appointment at the New St project, MACE our site team and my self have been impressed with your performance,
attitude to safety and organisation during the project.


A report is issued to certify that the system has either passed or failed together with any remedial work that is necessary to ensure that the system is brought back to its full safe operational standard.

In the event that any maintenance is required and based on the report that we have issued we will supply you with a quotation to carry out the necessary work and carry it out promptly to ensure that access to areas requiring maintenance can continue seamlessly.

Through our programme of Inspection and Maintenance we will ensure that your staff will remain safe and your company fully compliant.


In order that our customers get the most from our systems and that our products are used in the most effective way we offer full training courses in the to all our customers.

These can take place either at our own premises or at your own site and the training covers all Aviator and Payload safety and access products as well as RhinoDeck and Aviator.

Adrian Stutterheim is our own fully qualified instructor, with many years experience and can talk you through not only the principles of the main 2005 legislation but also show you how to make the most effective use of our systems in practical sessions.