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Working At Height Training

Our purpose at Sayfa Systems Ltd is to keep people safe when working at height. We design, produce and install a range of products not only for use during construction but also to be built in to the building to ensure easy and safe access for such maintenance task as cleaning, maintenance and repair.

Providing and installing the equipment though is only half the story.

Anyone who will be accessing the exterior of a building for cleaning maintenance or repair or works at height during the construction phase, needs to be aware of the risks that they might encounter and how to mitigate those risks in order to stay safe and so it is essential that people who use our equipment are fully aware of how to use it legally safely and effectively.

For this reason, we have designed a series of working at height training courses to complement our products to provide our customers and other people needing to work at height both with the background knowledge and the hands-on experience to assure both themselves and ourselves that people are fully trained in the safe and effective use of our products.


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